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By Argentine artist Marta Minujín


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Pandemia, by Marta Minujín

During the pandemic, Argentinian artist Marta Minujín thought and performed an original art piece that demanded more than eleven months of confinement. During those long working days, she manually put thousands of small cloth strips, painted with white, black and gray squares, on a big frame (260 x 210 cm).

The result of this work is a delicate weft made of hundreds of thousands of little squares, which in some way represents the number of days passed in confinement or suggests the number of victims.

This artwork seems to conjure the time and the tragedy, and also the hope and the long for the end of the pandemic.

The art piece includes a projection that shows the movement of the strips crisscrossed over the frame, which produces a subtle kinetic effect that maximizes its magnetism.

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