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It could be me. Alicia D'Amico and photography as a collective experience


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  • From March 3, 2023 to April 2, 2023

  • Sala de exposiciones temporarias

  • 46 works on display

  • Curator: Agustina Triquell

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"It could be me. Alicia D'Amico and photography as a collective experience" is an exhibition of photographic images and also a book.

In 1987, during democratic transition, Elizabeth Jelin and Pablo Vila conceived a book that reconsidered the link between the social sciences and photography. In this publication, the images function as a trigger: from the photos taken by Alicia D'Amico in popular urban contexts, the story of various actors about themselves and their environment emerged. In the always opened dialogue between image and word, the sensitive look of one of the most important Argentine photographers merged with the active role of the protagonists around her own image.

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