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Picasso in the Museum's heritage

The exhibition presents to the public more than 30 works by the Spanish artist preserved in the institutional collection, commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death.


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  • From March 29, 2023 to Oct. 8, 2023

  • Sala de exposiciones temporarias

  • 31 works on display

  • Curator: Paola Melgarejo

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Fifty years after the death of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (Málaga, 1881-Mougins, France, 1973), the Museum joins the international exhibitions around this commemoration, with the exhibition "Picasso in the Museum's heritage", that brings together in room 33 more than 30 papers and ceramics of his authorship that make up the collection.

The works on display, dated between 1905-1959, include engravings, drawings and ceramics made from his youth, portraits of important women in his life or scenes in his atelier, as well as pieces that show his interest in the political situation between wars and the representation of fantastic animals, which today are considered universally recognizable Picasso symbols.

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