Ground floor

European art from centuries XII to XIX

Argentinian art from XIX century

First floor

International art from the XX century

Argentinian art from the XX century

Second floor

Temporary room

and terraces

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From 30/11/22 to 26/02/23

Raquel Forner. Space Revelations. 1957-1987

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From 07/12/22 to 05/03/23

Treasures of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto

Greeks and other ancient civilizations of southern Italy.

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From 13/12/22 to 26/02/23

National Award for Artistic Career 2022

32 works by 16 award-winning artists are on display.

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From 16/12/22 to 19/02/23

A tribute to Eduardo Iglesias Brickles (1944-2012)

In room 42 on the second floor, a set of 20 xylo-paintings by the Argentine artist is exhibited, ten years after his death.

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From 04/08/22 to 30/04/23

“Contemporary scenes” at Centro Cultural Kirchner

Tours through the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes collection. Argentinian art 1960-2001.

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Argentinian art

A vast panorama of Argentinean art, including works by its greatest representatives

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